It feels as if I start every single wedding post with the same gushing sentiment … “It was the most gorgeous venue!”, but I seem to be extremely lucky to have seen some of the most gorgeous venues in Gauteng in the past few months.

Morrells are definitely one of those world class venues that makes your eyes hungry to see more. The French country charm is complemented by the staff’s absolute drive to repeat details throughout the night (watch out for the bunnies!). The perfect order in the gardens and even in the buildings just made my heart melt.

Now onto the couple – what amazing people they are! Megan was the most beautiful bride in my favourite Maggie Sottero dress and it fitted her as if it was made specially for her.

Allan was a bit nervous at the start (as he wanted to do everything perfectly by the book), but loosened up surrounded by his closest friends and family.

Venue: Morrells

Main photographer: Megan van Zyl

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