As I get older (as we all tend to go), I find it more important to spend quality time with my family and friends. I’m lucky, I’ve got lots of family to go around.

Last year Renier and myself escaped to Longview ranch for a weekend and what a weekend it was! A cosy rock cottage on a hill overlooking the surrounding hills and valleys. A perfect spot to rest and recharge. The owner, Lydette, was kind enough to show us the other accommodation options on the farm. Wattle creek caught our eye as an awesome option as it can house 20 people in separate chalets.

Fast forward to my birthday and that’s exactly what we did, went to Wattle creek. It was the perfect weekend of relaxation, fishing and fireside chatting.

At times, my camera laid forgotten as I spend some time with my peeps and it was exactly what I needed!

Here’s a few shots of the weekend.