Oh my, was I in for a massive surprise!

L’Aquila is such a gorgeous venue and you can imagine how special the place looked for the owner’s son. Lehann and Monja are both beautiful people, both inside and out so we were warmly welcomed.

Lehann Fourie is actually one of our own home grown Olympic athletes that competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics, so it was refreshing to meet such a humble guy. I’d say down to earth but at his height, the ground must be very far away!

Thanks to the Fouries and Goosens for the warm reception, overflowing love and steadfast faith. I could see the love and respect between them was real and made the moments so special. My wish for Lehann and Monja would be that they experience and have that in their marriage.

Main photographer: Isabel Jordaan

Venue: L’Aquila

Table decorations at L'Aquila

Bride perfume

Groom shoes, perfume, watch and cufflinks Groom's mother pinning his corsage Groom reading letter from his bride Bride spraying perfume

Father looking at the bride fondly

Bridesmaids walking in Bride's parents laughing Groomsmen and brother supporting his mother Bride and groom during the ceremonyCouple showered with confetti (from the back)

Bride and groom cutting bridal cheese cake

Groom and groomsmen posing

Bride and groom kissing under her veil Bride and groom in an open field Bride looking over her shoulder, groom holding her hand Groom carrying bride - bride laughing Groom carrying bride - intimate moment Groom's portrait Groom kissing bride's forehead Groom kissing bride's shoulder Bride and groom first look