I recently had the privilege to be Chris Munton’s assistant (that did a bit of second shooting) – what an experience! He has such a wealth of experience that he’s built up over 13 years in the industry and he’s still going strong.

Now, Ian and Nicole are such a gorgeous couple with a quirky sense of humour, we were in stitches all through the couple shoot. Needless to say, I think we’re all grateful that the videographer didn’t have the sound on.

Red Ivory is an amazing venue. Not only does it have a breathtaking view, but they can definitely boast with staff members that do their utmost best to make the day special for all their guests.

The couple could really count themselves very lucky – I could see through my lens two people that’s loved deeply by their friends and family.

Bride and bridesmaids makeup

Bride's accessories

Bride's dress hanging on mirror

Confetti holders with custom printing

Chapel set up without guests

Bride walking in and Bridesmaids waiting

Bride and Groom listening attently

Bride and Groom walking out the chapel, rose petals thrown

Bride with her bouquet

Groom admiring his bride in a private moment

Congratulatory hug to the bride

Groom's mother

Saxaphone player, cocktails and cake as after ceremony entertainment

Table settings and custom printing

Table numbers and guest favours

Table settings

Red Ivory Bride and Groom table