For those that read about our wedding would know by now that I was extremely blessed with 4 aunts that really knows how to put a spread together. You know there’s some things that you’re completely useless at and really admire it when someone else knows how to do it and do it good? Well this is like that, totally!

Lientjie, showed me some of her planning and the things she wanted to use but never in my wildest dreams could I imagine what she’d come up with. So for the occasion, she decorated two tables – one in a refreshing mint green (with black and white as the backdrop) and the other in a pretty puff of pink.

I was so glad I brought my camera along! It was a bit of an internal battle for a while because I was confronted with two of my favourite things – my camera and a 5 week old baby – and I could only hold ONE of them at a time. I did however give the mother fair warning that as soon as I put my camera down, I will be taking her son for a while. She didn’t think I was serious 😛

We were treated with an inspiring talk by Janine van Aswegen of RadioKansel and then a show with Quentin Prinsloo. I didn’t know either of them before yesterday, but definitely found inspiration from them both. Thank you!

Here’s some shots I got of the delicious tables!

Mint, black and white decorated tables pink_table guests

Quentin Prinsloo