Debbie and Pieter chose us to be Alex’s godparents(Yay!), so even though I don’t really do Maternity shoots, I couldn’t deny Alex some cute photos of his parents just before he’s born.

We kept it very simple for the shoot as Pieter doesn’t like photos very much. I even tried my hand at makeup, but we did it extremely lightly as Debbie has a “cookies-and-cream” complexion and don’t need much to enhance her natural beauty!

Alex is going to have a crowd of people standing by to simply love and adore him. He’s one lucky boy!

Alex's booties Debbie's baby bump Debbie and Pieter Debbie and Pieter

Maternity: Debbie and Pieter Debbie and Pieter - Debbie laughing Maternity: Debbie and Pieter Maternity: Pieter kissing Debbie's baby bump Maternity: Pieter giving Alex a back scratch

Update: Alex arrived not even a week after our shoot. Have a look at my gorgeous little godson here!