Your engagement shoots or e-shoot is the perfect time to show your personalities or interests and most of all a time to have some fun. This does leave the choices wide open and tend to confuse some couples.

When you plan your outfits, try and keep the following in mind:

1. Match don’t clash

The days of wearing matching blue jeans and white t-shirts are over. There are lots of ways to match than wearing the same outfit, so think of wearing complimenting colours or even the same pattern to tie your outfit together.

Martin & Debby Engagement shoot, Newtown graffiti

2. Keep your location in mind

Your location is only a backdrop to your session, but you also don’t want to wear similar colours and melt into the background or match. If your location is loud and colourful (like the graffiti photo above) you would either want to keep your colours neutral or do individual like Martin and Debby decided to go.

3. Wear something you are comfortable in

You are going to spend at least an hour, sitting, standing and walking so make sure that you are comfortable or used to the type of clothes and shoes that you’re wearing. Nothing like pinching shoes to ruin the expression on your face.

4. Keep the season and time of day in mind

In autumn and spring the temperatures can fluctuate or change drastically very quickly. Even summer thunderstorm rolling in can mess with the best laid plans. Make sure that you have a light cardigan available that suit your outfit or plan to layer your outfits so you can take off some layers if you’re too hot.

Rafique and Lee-Ann with two planes5. Have a backup

Standing in strong wind with a dress is neither comfortable nor practical, so have an alternative ready just in case.

If you are still in doubt or are looking for some ideas, have a look at my pinterest board with some collections and ideas!